Cali Girl is constantly on the look out for the best Rod Tape deals around! Our rod tape stock changes weekly depending on sales
and supplies. We will update this site regularly to reflect our stock. 
We can now 'slit' paper backed tape at no extra cost!


Whilst there are no returns on rod tapes, we do however, stand by the quality of our product. If you don't think our rod tapes have performed to your expectations, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do however, advise you to follow our application advice:

Application Instructions:  When winding your tapes ensure the rod is clean (no oils, etc), wind the tape tightly and we suggest overlapping at least half of the tape over its self as you go. We also suggest winding your paper-backed tapes, (the ones sold by the metre) no more than 1cm apart,(eg: creating a candy stripe). Larger gaps may cause the tapes to lift if not securely sealed at the edges. To ensure long life- wrap to seal the entire rod with crystal clear sticky tape. 

Comp rods should be kept for comps. If tape begins to peel because you are practicing with your decorated
rods frequently before your comp, you need to seal the tape edges with clear sticky tape, afterall...

you wouldnt wear your costumes for every practice...sequins would pop & rips may occur!


Most of our Premium tapes are imported from the USA and are of high quality. 
Proper application and care is paramount. 


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 A big thanks to Cali Girl for supplying an endless amount of glue and gems to get me through Solo/Duo season.
Your customer service is second to none !
                                               From "Sequin Queen" Louise H

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