We are a proud supplier of Viva Fiesta Hair Pieces
**Please choose carefully as we can not exchange products due to their personal nature. Unless Faulty**
A  'real life' colour swatch is available for your examination upon request. Postage costs apply. Most long wigs come with a Claw clip that can be easily removed. You can then place the wig over the childs bun.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in a small amount of regular shampoo with cool to warm water, rinse well, air dry layed flat on a towel. Do not use heat to dry hair pieces. Store in netting bag provided.
Your postage cost is added to your order on your invoice ($10.00 up to 500grams) or pickup welcome.
Postage will be quoted on large orders.
Short Flick Pony Tail
$35 each.
Long Wavy Pony Tail
$40 each.
Long Straight Pony Tail
$42 each.
Dancer's Wiglet
$39 each
National Dancer's Wig
Irish Dancing
$52 each
Curly Scrunchie
Small $10 each
Deluxe $14 each
Dancer's Swirls
$40 each. Colours: Blonde, Champagne, Strawberry Blonde, Light Golden Brown, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Auburn, Honey
Spiky Scrunchie
$15 each. Colours: Vanilla Swirl, Smokey Ash, Ginger Snap, Chocolate Ripple.
Long Scrunchie
$18 each. Colours: Vanilla Swirl, Smokey Ash, Ginger Snap, Chocolate Ripple.
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 A big thanks to Cali Girl for supplying an endless amount of glue and gems to get me through Solo/Duo season.
Your customer service is second to none !
                                               From "Sequin Queen" Louise H

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