Costuming MUST HAVE's!

Gemming Tool
IN STOCK $12 each. Pretty crystal filled tool. Wax point on one end for easy pickup of gems and a flat point on other end for nudging gems around when placed on glue. Comes in box for easy storage. Postage $10 tracked.
Wax Heads
Replacement Wax Heads for our Crystal Filled Gemming Tools. $5 each
CG Gem Glue 125ml
Cali Girl Glue $20.00ea. (125ml bottle!) Like Fabri-Fuse & Gem Tac only BETTER! Great for gems and glittering. Pointy nozzle, fast adhesion of gems AND glitter. Water based. Hand wash garments. Quick drying. Allow 24 hrs to fully dry. No odour. Not harmful. Postage extra. Best use within 12 months of purchase. Safety Date in Link...
Fabri-Fuse E6000. Large
IN STOCK. GENUINE E6000. $24.00ea. Large (118ml bottle). Pickup welcome. Extreme Stretch! Holds Glitter & Small Gems, Dries Clear, Acid Free, Low Odour, Permanent. ‘Fabri-Fuse’ is a great glue for all types of fabric and decorative items. Moves and stretches. It can also be sewn through! Great for decorating costumes, good for lycra & other stretch fabrics. Adheres small gems, trim & lace. Dries flat (time): 8hrs, Washable after 72hrs. LOOKING FOR GLITTER? View our range here:
Fray Lock by E6000. Tube
$17.00 each. 61g tube. Permanently seal raw edges and lock thread knots. Works great on thread knots and frayed fabric. Dries crystal clear, Acid-Free, Washable after 72 hrs, Permanent. Perfect for costumes, clothing, embroidery, sewing etc. Simply apply a thin amount to fabric raw edges or thread knot. Let it dry for 2 to 5 hours. After 72 hours its washable. Soft and Flexible. Packaging size may change.
E6000 Jewellery & Bead 1oz
$17.00 + PICKUP ONLY. GENUINE. Comes with nozzle set for precision gemming. Dries clear & flexible, Waterproof. Apply in well ventilated room. Allow 24 hours for curing. For future easy cap removal, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the threads of the tube before replacing the cap. Not recommended for use on Styrofoam, polystyrene, polyethylene or polypropylene plastics.
Bikini Bite® for your Body
Stop your costume riding up your Umm…$35 each. Postage $10.00. Bikini Bite® can be reapplied on the same area on the body many times during the day. Use Bikini Bite® sparingly. Roll on to skin and allow 30 seconds to dry before making contact between the costume and skin. Wash garment within 24 hours of using Bikini Bite® to maintain garment.
▪ Easy to use ▪ Works every time ▪ Safe for your skin-washes off with soap and water ▪ Confidence!
Tula Pink 8" Shears
Tula Pink 8" Shears (scissors). $65+$10post.
Makes a great thank you gift! High quality stainless steel blades, specifically forged from high quality German grade stainless steel, with 22K Gold content, with 22K gold plated screw, designed for durability and ultimate style. Razor edge sharp blades that make this range the perfect choice for fabric cutting!
Body Board Chart
All Body Board Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.
Body Boards
**Three Different Prices**
GIRLS Sizes 4 to 8 = $18 each.
GIRLS Sizes 10 to 14 = $20 each.
LADIES Sizes 8 -16 = $22 each.
Postage Costs are: 1 Board = $15. 2 Boards = $20. Three Boards and over to be quoted on. Chart Measurements are on this page. Pickup welcome (SA residents)
Special sizes can be made at extra cost.
Arm Boards
One Size.
Approx 52cms long x 11cms at middle section.
$13.00ea + $10.00 postage up to 500grams.
Prym Safety Pins.
IN STOCK. 27mm Long. Pack of 100 for $10.00.
Hardened Steel.
Won't bend, Won't rust!
$10 postage.
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